Aquascaping and me

I’ve started to aquascape for 3 years. For now I can say this is my love hobby, it has become the part of my life. Aquascaping means for me being artistic and be close to nature. Amazing that, you can take a little part of the nature to your home.



My mission is to spread the aquascaping all over the world. That’s why I launched my YouTube channel 2 years ago. I’m a full time photo- and cinematographer, so you will find high quality videos on my channel. In these videos I show you how to create beatiful tanks, from low-tech to high-tech. Enjoy the aquascaping – it’s the most important. 


More than 120K subscribers on YouTube.

Join my aquascaping community and you’ll find a lot of inspirational videos. Don’t hesitate to start and no need to overcomplicate. I’ll show the way, you just have to start and love this hobby.