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My mission is to introduce aquascaping all over the world. That’s why I launched my YouTube channel 2 years ago and now I created this guide so you can learn the most important aspects of a perfect aquarium.

When you will finish this material, you will know how to create the perfect layout, choose the best plants, soil and light source, what type of materials should you use for the hardscape and how to maintain your tank to have a stunning aquarium for years.


Aquascaping could be overwhelming as there are thousands of materials and tools to start with. For a beginner (and even for a pro) the vast number of possible choices could be discouraging so I narrowed it for a couple of things to start your aquarium with.

And once you are confident with this easy setup you will have more courage to try new styles, plants and other ideas. .



Hi! I’m Máté, also known as THECINESCAPER. I’ve started aquascaping 3 years ago. I’m in love with this hobby and it has become the part of my life.

I’m a full time photo- and cinematographer, so you will find high quality videos on my channel. In these videos I show you how to create beautiful tanks, from low-tech to high-tech. Enjoy the aquascaping – that is the most important for me.

Join my aquascaping community of more than 130k people and find inspiration at my channel. Don’t hesitate to start this hobby! It is easier than it seems 🙂 I’ll lead the way!